Professional Portraits

  • Individuals and Corporate Executives benefit from the professional portrait services that Fine Photos has provided to Mandurah since 1993.

  • A head shot for the business card, the resume, the advertising campaign, real estate signage or whenever that professional look is, is something that I specialise in.

  • Post production editing or photo polishing is all part of the service.

  • Prices start from $80 per person for a head shot on a white background and basic edit of one image.

  • Need your image 'deep etched' in preparation to drop onto a different background?  Just another of the services that I can provide.  $90 per person will take your chosen image to the next level with a high quality, detail focussed, deep etched/clear-cut image prepared and supplied ready for your printer, graphic artist or advertising representative to drop onto any background of your choosing.

  • Need a range of file sizes to suit a print, poster or the web?  This is standard practice at Fine Photos.  Every image is always supplied in 3 clearly labelled file sizes, so that regardless of your needs you will have the right image type and size at hand. If you happen to have a special image size or format request then just ask as I'm happy to supply your work to your specifications at no additional charge.

  • Need a variety of photographs for your marketing campaign?  Not a problem.  I'm always happy to work with my clients to tailor a photoshoot that captures a variety of different photographs to help you personalise your marketing.  Allow about 30-40 minutes for the shoot.  Prices start at $125

  • Need more than 1 image edited?  For about $35-$40 per image, having more than one high quality, high resolution photograph available for use in your marketing becomes very affordable.

  • Your finished work is delivered via cloud link, making it easy for you to access the finished files and just as easy to forward them to your printer, graphics department or advertising representative.

The original image                      'Deep Etched' and displayed on a sample background

 Jo Yandallben_hatchclare_seamerlee_perry



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